Hidromek focuses its future on new products and new markets

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The two driving forces behind Türkiye-based OEM Hidromek, Ahmet Bozkurt and Engin Barutcuoglu, talk to Andy Brown about new products and markets.

New markets and new equipment are the two pathways through which Türkiye-based OEM Hidromek says it will expand on its role as a growing equipment manufacturer well positioned to serve the equipment rental market.

Ahmet Bozkurt Ahmet Bozkurt, vice chairman and general manager, Hidromek.

Hidromek Vice Chairman and General Manager Ahmet Bozkurt, alongside Export Manager Engin Barutcuoglu, told International Construction about the company’s plans for growth in April at Intermat in Paris, France. 

“Compact equipment will be our target,” says Bozkurt. “We are going to fulfil the mini excavator range, and we are going to look at compact wheeled loaders also.”

Access equipment is increasingly popular in Türkiye and there is customer demand for Hidromek to produce some machines for this segment. There are plans to product a telehandler as well. 

Historically, the company has been known primarily as a backhoe-loader manufacturer, with a large portion of its sales coming from this product. Hidromek currently produces wheeled and crawler excavators, motorgraders, wheeled loaders and soil compactors as well, and is now turning its attention to new product launches and increased production of excavators. 

More excavators, and eyes on North America

“We are very concentrated on our excavator product range and because the backhoe-loader, in some markets, it is not the main product. In some European markets there is no backhoe market. But the excavator – everywhere it’s an important product,” says Barutcuoglu.

“So we are improving our product range and also our sales for excavators, which is becoming more and more important for us. I can say it’s even same level now with backhoe loader.”

When it comes to future plans and ambitions, Bozhurt pauses before saying, “We are looking at improving our distribution network. We are not present in North America at the moment, just a very small distribution, like a test. I think, in three years’ time, you are going to see Hidromek US, which will be very important.”

Warming to the theme, Barutcuoglu adds, “In three years’ time I want for us to have completed all the product range that we are talking about, such as with the mini excavators. I believe that we will do it. And also, of course, to be in some very crucial markets like North America and to establish a new organization there.”

Market mainstays

Equipment sales were strong in Hidromek’s home market of Türkiye in 2023, and are expected to remain solid, despite a slight decline expected in 2024. Europe is Hidromek’s primary market, with Spain being the main focus, while France, Italy and Germany are gaining significance.

The large number of Chinese OEMs present at Intermat was a topic of much discussion at the trade fair. An increasing numbers of these companies are beginning to look seriously at Europe, so is Hidromek seeing

Engin Barutcuoglu Engin Barutcuoglu, export manager, Hidromek.

more China-based OEMs in the markets in which they operate? Do they view this as a threat to their market share?

The HMK 62 SS mini backhoe-loader – backhoe-loaders are still important to Hidromek but the product range has increased. (Photo: Hidromek)

“Of course they’re important competition,” says Bozkurt, before questioning whether one of the reasons for the increased Chinese presence in Europe is due to the poor Chinese domestic market at the moment. “This is a long-term race. We are present in Türkiye for 46 years. Customers want good service, good customer relations, good machine; all these things are important in this race.”

Barutcuoglu admits Chinese OEMs are challenging, but stresses Hidromek’s long-time presence in the market. “The main thing is to be in the market a long time and to continuously serve the customer, not only for one year or two years’ time, but long lasting and continuous actions.”

The question of power

The question of how equipment will be powered in the future is one that no one knows the exact answer to, and it is likely that there won’t be one solution, but many, depending on the equipment in question.

Bozkurt says the best approach is to go with the flow.

“For us to follow what’s going on and to be ready for all different types because nobody knows which way it’ll go,” he says. “The best way is to be ready, especially engineering-wise, for all alternatives.”

In addition to the introduction of compact products and the pursuit of business in America, Hidromek is also working on autonomous technology it plans to commercialize in the next few years. This makes for busy times requiring great energy, which the company will need as it tackles fresh challenges and new frontiers. 


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