Generac unveils new lighting towers and brand strategy

The GLT Series of lighting towers from Generac The GLT Series of lighting towers from Generac.

Generac has launched the GLT Series of lighting towers as part of a global brand strategy aimed at elevating brand awareness and enhancing product recognition.

The strategic move involves offering the latest lighting tower models in a standardised design, providing customers with a unified global platform.

The company said the move will allow it to replace individual models from its existing product portfolio over time.

In addition to streamlining its product offerings, Generac said the approach will improve its ability to deliver comprehensive after-sales support to its customers.

The GLT Series comprises of four diesel-powered models, which have  already been launched on to the market, and two hybrid models that will be launched later this year.

The diesel models are made up of the GLT4-M and GLT4-A with four 320W G5 LED lights and 2 cylinder Stage V engine and the GLT6-M and GLT6-A with six 320W LED lights and 3 cylinder Stage V engine.

Generac said that the low power required for the LEDs enables the diesel-powered units to operate on smaller engines, reducing emissions in the process.

Both the GLT4-A and GLT6-A are fitted with a hydraulic mast, while the GLT4-M and GLT6-M come with manual masts.

The tanks for the diesel models have a 200 litre capacity and are made of plastic, greatly increasing the operational time of the units.

All models come equipped with DSE digital controllers, have increased running times, and feature improved overall performance through the introduction of new technologies.

All models come equipped with DSE digital controllers All models come equipped with DSE digital controllers

For accessibility, “seagull-wing” doors are fitted which gives access to all technical components such as the engine, digital controllers and the fuel tank.

Meanwhile, the GLT PRO and GLT Hybrid, which are currently at the prototype stage, combine a 2-cylinder Stage V engine with an AGM or lithium battery pack. 

Both lights come with four 240W G5 LED lights, while the PRO also comes with adjustable light output power.

On a visit to its European lighting tower headquarters in Pavia, Italy, IRN was told by managing director Alessandro Rossi that the move has been in place for two years and represents a concerted effort from the company to move towards sustainable equiqment production.

He said the GLT Series will eventually replace older models that have been in circulation for more than five years.

Meanwhile, he revealed that the launch of its “second generation hybrid models” later this year will see production of the VT-Hybrid halt. 

A full interview with Alessandro Rossi will be published in the January-February edition of IRN.

Model Power Mast LED Engine
GLT4-A Diesel Hydraulic 4x320W G5  2-cylinder Stage V engine (Yanmar / Kubota)
GLT4-M Diesel Manual 4x320W G5  2-cylinder Stage V engine (Yanmar / Kubota)
GLT6-A Diesel Hydraulic 6x320W  3-cylinder Stage V engine (Kubota)
GLT6-M Diesel Manual 6x320W  3-cylinder Stage V engine (Kubota)
GLT4 Hybrid Hybrid Manual 4x240W G5 2-cylinder Stage V engine (Kubota)
GLT4 PRO Hybrid Hydraulic 4x240W G5 2-cylinder Stage V engine (Kubota)

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