22 May 2024

Professional tools with diamond and PCD tips for a huge range of different applications ETX technology, and more especially increasingly powerful grinding diamonds have greatly extended the scope for the grinding of modern floors, walls and ceilings. The requirement for the tool is established from answers to the following questions:

Which floor or covering needs to be processed - is the floor hard or soft, and what type of floor covering is involved?

  • What is the objective for this operation – substrate preparation, renovation or surface texturing?
  • Which application is needed for this – fine-grinding, coarse-grinding, smoothing out of irregularities or stripping / decoating?
  • Does this work involve large or small surface areas?

An American football team has many specialists for the different tasks in the game. Similarly, we have developed specific diamond tools, some completely new, the choice of which depends on the combination of answers to the questions opposite.

The aim here is to provide the perfect combination of machine and tool for every task associated with floor construction. This is why we have called our selection of diamond tools the ‘Giants’. After all, and just as in American Football, floor construction involves successful gaining of ground – efficient, cost-effective and goal-oriented.

With the Schwamborn Giants, your next touch down is guaranteed.


Our new classification is intended as a guide for you. It should not be viewed as a quality grading. Depending on the application and the surface to be machined, it may be more economical to use the equally high-quality AA+ and AA tools to deliver the same level of performance. Typically, and especially for our retail clients and rental parks, the areas to be processed tend to be smaller, measuring up to approx. 100 square metres. Our AA+ and AA tools were specifically designed for these requirements and they are significantly less expensive because they were not

designed and built for use in industrial buildings or other surfaces of similar size. They are also less bulky, and this also helps to make them less expensive.

  • Giants Triple A - For long hard matches extending over large surface areas
  • Giants AA+ – The professional solution for medium-sized floor areas
  • Giants AA – If your game only lasts one quarter

It all depends on the kind of surface “Hard floors, soft bonding agent – soft floors, hard bonding agent” expresses the basic rule guiding Schwamborn application engineers when they advise on the choice of a diamond tool perfectly matched to the desired outcome. High quality diamond and PCD flakes are bonded into these metal tools, making them wear-resistant. These tools make it possible to grind even the hardest of floors until the desired outcome is achieved.

For substrate preparation, a uniform but coarser grinding result is applied to optimise surface resilience. When producing design floors, you can obtain optimum grinding results using the finest of grain sizes and the correct speed setting on the machine.

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