Extend Your Profitability with Toro’s Dingo® Range of compact utility loaders

07 June 2023

Think of all the tasks you do every day. Now imagine how much faster you could do them with a Toro® Dingo®. The versatile Dingo is an efficient alternative to hand labour, especially in tight spots other equipment can’t reach, and is a simple way to boost productivity with 35+ attachments.

The Toro® Dingo has been around since 2000, and with continued investment, incorporating customer feedback and advancing technology we now have a comprehensive line of compact utility loaders in the market, covering tracked and wheeled options as well as the choice between diesel, petrol and lithium-ion battery. Our key partnerships with leading global rental companies have given us the insight to focus our developments in the areas that really matter to the customer: durability, performance, and efficiencies for both the renter and the rental company.

eDingo 500

With major upgrades since its first generation launch in 2020, the eDingo 500 delivers exceptional runtime in a compact design, allowing it to fit in the tightest spaces and tackling the toughest of jobs. The eDingo 500 is ideal for indoor construction and demolition, and is powered by the HyperCell® Power System, a new battery technology developed by Toro to match the power of traditional internal combustion-powered products with zero engine-exhaust emissions and less noise. The eDingo 500 is optimised to deliver up to an eight-hour continuous runtime, while maintaining a 515 lbs (234 kg) Rated Operated Capacity (ROC) allowing it to complete more jobs with less hassle.

Dingo TX 1300

The Dingo TX 1300 features an exclusive INTELESCOPE® loader arm with SmartLoad technology, extending the operators working range by an additional 66cm. An impressive hinge-pin height of 277cm allows for loads to be lifted up and reach over obstacles, backfill behind retaining walls and more.

Rental operators at all levels of experience will appreciate the convenient design of the Dingo TX 1300 controls. Toro has integrated the hydraulics and loader arm functions into one thumb-operated controller for easier, more accommodating operation. One hand can be used to operate the loader arm and auxiliary attachments and the other to operate the Toro patented traction controls. This makes it more manageable than ever to pick, place and dump loads all day long.

Dingo TX 700

The Dingo TX 700 was added to Toro’s extensive line-up by the demand from the rental market for a more compact, yet powerful loader. Available in both narrow track and wide track configurations, the TX 700 is powered by a 18.3 kw (24hp) Yanmar diesel engine delivering efficient performance in a compact package.

The TX 700 comes with a dedicated stand-on platform which increases operator visibility and rubber isolation for all-day operator comfort, and our patented traction controls offer intuitive operation, no matter what the experience level of the operator.

35+ Attachments

The Dingo can be used for many types of jobs, giving it an edge over other machinery and saving users money on hiring multiple specialised machinery to complete one job. Compatible attachments include multiple types of buckets, adjustable forks, a grapple, leveler, utility blade, trencher and more.


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