Xwatch launches Electric Over Hydraulic Control

The Cat 395 Excavator The Cat 395 excavator has been equipped with advanced features such as 12 Xwatch proportional EOHC (Electronic Over Hydraulic Control) and XW5 Total Protection. (Photo: Xwatch)

Xwatch Safety Systems has unveiled its new proportional Electric Over Hydraulic Control (EOHC) for excavators.

Describing it as a “significant leap” in the evolution of excavators, Xwatch said the system embraces the shift from pilot hydraulic systems to a more streamlined electric control of the high-pressure system.

EOHC removes the need for hydraulic valves, hoses, solenoid coils and their cables, instead replacing them with compact EOHC units, resulting in cost and efficiency improvement for motion controls. 

Xwatch said, “The recently revised EOHC box presents a remarkable enhancement, offering a single unit that can manage four motion controls. It simplifies the hydraulic excavator’s operation by integrating multiple functions into a single box, ensuring that complexities are minimised, and performance is maximised.

“A notable distinction lies in the Xwatch EOHC unit’s capacity for proportional control of the electrical circuit. Unlike some competitors who offer a basic ON/OFF control in their EOHC systems, the Xwatch EOHC brings a subtle, proportionate control, aligning closely with the capabilities of the current pilot valves.”

To transition to the system, the OEM wiring is unplugged to the high-pressure valves and a ‘Y splitter’ cable is installed, which directs the electrical circuit through the EOHC box.

Xwatch said this allows for interruption of the circuit for motion control, and ensures the maintenance of circuit resistance, preventing the machine’s monitoring system from detecting any disruptions.

Fergus Fieldhouse, Xwatch product support engineer said, “The EOHC was born of necessity to supply sophisticated motion control, aligning with the advent of electric over hydraulic controls on some of the new generation excavators.

“It wasn’t about introducing a new innovation to the market as a selectable option. Instead, it was about fulfilling a critical operational need with enhanced precision and efficiency. The bonus part is that our system uniquely stands out by allowing proportional control, a feature that augments the user experience and operational finesse of the excavating machinery.”

The option to utilise the EOHC depends on which model is used, with the system principally pre-determined by the machine’s hydraulic design. However, models from Caterpillar, Volvo, Liugong and Takeuchi are compatible with the Xwatch proportional EOHC.


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