Rental gensets: the next generation

24 June 2022

Low emissions gensets are effectively now the norm, but as rental rebounds, other features - from data insights for cost efficiencies to multi-purpose units – are emerging within the category, writes Belinda Smart.

Cost efficiencies and optimising power, while meeting emissions requirements – all these factors and more are driving change in the genset category, with many players directly targeting the rental market. Caterpillar’s recent release is an example.

The 310 kVA Cat XQP310 generator set. (Photo: Caterpillar)

It has expanded its Stage V compliant power product range with the introduction in early 2022 of the 310kVA Cat XQP310 generator set, the next release following the launch of the 200kVA Cat XQP200 mobile set in 2021.

Cat says it reduces nitrogen oxides emissions by 90% compared with the Stage IIIA standard. With 12% more power than its predecessor, the XQP310 is designed for easy switching between 50 and 60Hz and use across a range of voltages.

“This allows one machine to satisfy varying load requirements in diverse regions and applications, such as mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction,” says Cat. Caterpillar says this latest release is relevant in the context of rebounding worldwide construction and mining activities, as companies boost their sustainability initiatives and address evolving emission standards.

Cat mobile generators meeting EU Stage V emission standards can also use up to 100% hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

Alternative power generators

Spanish OEM Himoinsa, which has been part-owned by Yanmar since 2015, is responding to new energy trends globally with alternative power solutions that can replace or be combined with diesel generators.

Gas generators, battery storage systems and gensets ready to run with HVO are being targeted at European rental companies. For diesel generators, the Himoinsa S5 Range, with Stage V engines ensures a reduction of up to 90% of emissions of harmful components compared to the previous technology.

With a power range from 9 to 550kVA in P.R.P., the S5 generators have been designed for ease of use, durability and low fuel consumption, says Miguel Angel Ruiz, Global Engineering and Development Head at Himoinsa.

The Pramac GPW generator. (Photo: Pramac)

“The fuel consumption of the new engine is significantly lower, which ensures lower operating costs than generators with Stage III A engines (mainly above 80kVA). In parallel, Himoinsa has made the fuel tanks of their S5 generators with the same autonomy that the AdBlue tank to match their fuel and urea running time, thereby reducing running tasks and costs.”

Gas powered generators are seen as a value alternative for the rental market and include Himoinsa LPG generators that reduce emissions of NOx (99%) and CO2 (10%-20%) versus diesel gensets. The gas sets operate more quietly than diesel units and there is no smoke or smell.

Gas gensets have long been a feature of the North American rental market, but far less so in Europe. Himoinsa is also introducing new partnership with LPG distribution company Repsol in Spain and Portugal and with Flogas in the UK to help rental companies source LPG.

Repsol, which has been working with Himoinsa for five years, has also developed external mobile tanks and tank cages suitable for rental applications. It also recently launched the EHR | Battery Power Generator, an energy storage and distribution system that can operate independently, guaranteeing zero noise and emissions, and can be integrated into power generation systems using diesel or gas generators.

The EHR is available in single-phase 10kVA and three-phase 15, 30 and 45kVA nominal power solutions, with two different storage capacity options per model (ratios of 1:1 and 1:2). This optimal makes it possible to complete the battery charging process in less than 1.5 hours (ratio of 1:1).

LFP batteries are designed for a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Larger models are also being developed (see a more detailed report in the July-August issue of IRN.). Meanwhile all Himoinsa generators can run with HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). The OEM says that while the biofuel is not accessible across all European countries, it is a viable alternative for Nordic countries where HVO distribution is extensive.

Versatile gensets

Pramac in Italy, part of the Generac group, has expanded its mobile diesel generator GPW series from 9 to 750kVA. GPW is positioned for the rental market as part of the Pramac mobile offer which includes the GRW rental series, portable generators, lighting towers and batteries for energy storage.

According to Pramac, this product line “solidifies Pramac’s global view of developing a basic core configuration for the power supply market that is compatible with a wide list of optional modules.

“The forward-thinking design allows for additional support and peace of mind for projects that are required to meet specific demands and comply with local regulations. The design philosophy of versatility makes GPW generators the solution for rental construction markets.”

GPW generators are available in Stage V configuration in sizes from 18 to 60kVA, to meet European emission regulations. Outside Europe, the versatility and modularity of the series is attracting interest from international rental companies and dealers, says Pramac, looking for a modern heavy-duty solution, especially for the economic growth of developing countries.

An event-ready generator from MHM Group UK. (Photo: MHM Group)

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, more than 1 billion of people worldwide hadn’t access to electricity, hence an increasing demand for systems of uninterruptable and flexible power supply, especially in off-grid areas, is expected to drive the global mobile market.”

Low noise

Brad Ireland, Group Sales Director at MHM Group (UK) tells IRN MHM’s Solar Hybrid Battery Diesel Generator Range offers combined solar, battery and diesel generator power, for low and variable temporary power applications over long periods of time.

It includes the MGTP 3500 SHG-5, MGTP 6000 SHG-5, MGTP 10000 SHG-5, MGTP 20 SHG-5, MGTP 60 SHG-5, MGTP 100 SHG-5. “Our solar hybrid range has seen an expansion from our previous 3.5 to 10kVA range now including a 20kVA out in the market and later this year a 60kVA and in the first quarter of next year 100kVA solar hybrid generator.

“We have an extended range of Stage V engines from 1kVA to 500kVA, plus a new extended ‘BatPack’ range of external battery packs which can be paired with diesel generators to improve fuel consumption and aid to reduce emissions and noise pollution.”

MHM’s recently released Ultra Silent Stage V generator range runs from 10kVA up to 500kVA with a noise level of 50 decibels and, says Ireland, is well suited to the event hire industry. “The incredibly low noise output and ability to work on HVO fuels means this product range is suitable for a large variety of applications but most specifically the events, film and also construction markets where noise levels are of a concern.”


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