Norton Clipper launches light compaction

Norton Clipper CFP 14W The Norton Clipper CFP 14W (pictured) is available with either a petrol or diesel engine.

Norton Clipper has launched a new compaction equipment range, with a third of the its stock specifically allocated for customers in the UK. 

Comprising two types of compactor and an upright rammer, the new range is suitable for soil, clay, asphalt, mixed stone and paver applications.

Norton Clipper told IRN that the new range is being launched across Europe in stages, but because of supply chain problems in the UK and the level of demand from the housebuilding sector, it had increased its stock levels for the country.

Colin Knight, National Sales Manager at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, said, “We saw that all supply chains across the industry were, and still are facing challenges, which is why we have taken steps to ensure stocks of our new compactors are reserved for the UK market specifically, to prevent distributors from having to face long lead times and delays.”

Around 200 to 300 units from the range have been reserved for the UK, which is currently seeing heavy investment in both the housebuiling and infrastructure sectors.

According to the UK-based abrasives specialist, which is part of French multi-national Saint-Gobain, “since the housing market boom and the government’s announcement of its £27 billion road-building programme in March of last year, construction equipment – and compactors in particular – are in high demand.” 

Comprising four models, Norton Clipper’s new foward CFP and two-directional CRP compactors are designed to provide a high level of manoeuvrability, and feature foldable handles and removable wheels for easy transport and storage. 

They are available in both petrol and diesel versions, and in plate widths of 360mm, 400mm, 420mm and 500mm.

While the forward-only CFP compactor has a maximum compaction depth of 15 to 25cm, the forward and reverse CRP model offers compaction depth of 30 to 40cm.

Norton Clipper C16 rammer Norton Clipper’s new C16 upright rammer.

According to the manufacturer, the models also feature a wide sprinkler bar, which “ensures that water covers the full width of the plate, preventing tarmac from sticking and reducing the additional labour involved in soaking the site while the compactor is in operation.”

With compactors being a key product for for the equipment rental market, the models have also been equipped with protective metal cowlings and guards.

This allows them to “withstand knocks and bumps, increasing durability and decreasing maintenance costs” for rental companies.

The range also includes the CR16 upright rammer, which is suitable for use on smaller projects and for trenching applications.

It features an “easy-access throttle lever and steel plating for better control” and durability. and is suitable for use on smaller projects and for trenching applications.  

Knight said, “Our new range of compactors continue the Norton Clipper tradition of tough, reliable and quality machinery that can easily tackle the day-to-day conditions that contractors face onsite.”


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