New generation from Versalift

11 November 2020


Versalift VTX-240 in negative configuration

Versalift is presenting the third generation of its VTX series with the launch of the VTX240 G3.

Based on the original VTX240, the latest version offers two 3-stage telescopic booms, along with a working height of 24.2m and an outreach of 12.5m. The basket can be lifted horizontally, in a straight line and has negative capabilities to 3.3m below ground level. The weight is below 3.5 tonnes, even with all fluids, driver and passenger.

The updated VTX240 G3 provides a range of new features, including a new cabin display. The display guides the user through the setup stage, ensuring it is completed easily, and provides a number of control features, notifying when to activate the PTO, release the clutch, deploy outriggers, among others.

The display also allows operators to start and stop the engine, switch beacons on and off, set up outriggers, see error codes, adjust brightness and is available in a number of languages.

VTX240 Lohke 70x70 300DPI

The VTX-240

The display is mounted next to the gearstick, making it easy to control the lift features. For example, users can initiate outrigger setup with the touch of a button. The outriggers will stop a couple of centimeters above the ground, which allows the outrigger pads to be positioned.

leveling capabilities have also been considerably increased on the VTX240 G3, partly thanks to longer outriggers, allowing leveling at 6 degrees, depending on the position, making the machine versatile in challenging tasks. Additionally, the VTX240 G3 is capable of leveling sideways.

The main valves have also been updated, making the buttons easier to push during emergency operations. A new cover has also been added to the valve area, which is now attached with hinge and is easy to open to initiate emergency procedures.

Other new features include a self-locking bearing on the rotation system and a more precise weight cell.



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