Nationwide to increase telemetry in its fleet

Nationwide Platforms is aiming to increase telemetry coverage in its fleet to 100% by the end of 2023, the company has said.

Screenshot of Nationwide Platforms telematics Photo: Nationwide Platforms

According to the company, which currently has telemetry coverage in 60% of its fleet, it is pursuing a number of developments that will enable it to achieve the increase.

Part of the developments is a site-view telemetry system which is currently in use across France, the UK and the Middle East. The system provides a view of all machines on site, indications of motor usage and the information on the last known operator.

Also in development, the internal views telemetry system is said to make servicing and maintenance more efficient by reducing downtime and ensuring that machines only need to be serviced when a fault has been telemetrically picked up.

For safety, the company is looking at geofencing systems to allow an observer to monitor the whereabouts of machines and coordinate or cordon-off prohibited zones, which can be used to set up a perimeter to ensure a machine doesn’t enter an area with a weight restriction. Once the machine crosses the perimeter, an alert will be signalled.

The geofencing systems can also be used to alert observers if a machine leaves the “zone of conflict” where it is intended for use. According to Nationwide Platforms, when combined with access control, geofencing systems can prevent the loss of productivity and any potential safety risks.

Elsewhere, the company is utilising telematic software to allow customers to login to a telematics customer portal to see what is available for hire, track carbon usage of machines and monitor if an operator is logged-in to two machines at once.


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