Kranpunkten invests in unique electric truck

 Kranpunkten's electric truck from Volvo. (Left to right: Andreas Johansson, Regional Manager Kranpunkten Väst, and Thomas Ter-Borch, work manager at Swerock.) Kranpunkten’s Volvo FE Electric truck has just arrived in Sweden and is currently being fitted with additional equipment. (Left to right: Andreas Johansson, Regional Manager Kranpunkten Väst, and Thomas Ter-Borch, work manager at Swerock.)

Kranpunkten, a leading access equipment rental company in Sweden, has ordered a new, specially adapted Volvo FE Electric truck with flatbed to its fleet.

Due to be handed over to the company later this year, Kranpunkten’s FE Electric truck is the first in the country to include its range of features and was ordered through construction equipment and buildings materials provider Swerock.

Thomas Ter-Borch, work manager at Swerock, said, “The electric truck has just arrived in Sweden and is now being equipped with the last details to suit its assignments in the best way.”

Kranpunkten’s electric truck is fitted with a 400kW electric motor that provides 850Nm of torque and features a “unique platform”.

Specially adapted to handle heavy access equipment, the “unique” fixed platform has a hydraulically foldable ramp at the rear, which can also be extended for easier loading. 

It is also equipped with a winch in the front end, enabling equipment that cannot be independently loaded onto its platform, to be lifted onto the truck instead.   

One of two electric truck models currently available from Volvo, the FE Electric is design for heavy duty tasks and offers a maximum capacity 27 tonnes for “demanding assignments in urban traffic”.

Kranpunkten’s unit, which provides zero emissions and lower noise levels than comparable diesel models, will be charged with renewable electricity at the company’s Gothenburg depot.

The specialist rental firm will use the truck to transport units from its 4,000-strong lift and access equipment fleet, to construction and industrial sites across Gothenburg’s inner city, which has environmental zone 1 regulations in place. 

Kranpunkten said the investment “represents an important step forward” in its work to improve its sustainability by lowering its environmental impact.

Andreas Johansson, regional manager Kranpunkten Väst, added, “We can now strengthen our efforts within the transport area, where our CO2 footprint is largest.

“Our customers in the metropolitan area are offered a completely electric alternative; with a rental machine that is powered and charged with green electricity and transported to and from the workplace completely without emissions and much quieter.”


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