IoT tech to connect MHM generators

UK-based lighting and generator manufacturer MHM Group and digital technology specialist Trackunit have partnered to create a digital ‘logbook’ - similar to those used for road vehicles - for portable generators.

a laptop computer with Trackunit software on the screen MHM Link Live will be powered by Trackunit’s IoT technology. (Image: Trackunit.)

Further building on its five-year relationship with Trackunit, the companies will install Trackunit’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology on MHM’s generators, providing each of the units with their own lifelong digital logbook.

Known as ‘MHM Link Live’ and delivered through a new ‘Works with Trackunit’ division, the digital logging system will track the performance, servicing and update requirements of their specific generator unit. 

According to MHM, data gathered by MHM Live Link will help it to improve the efficiency of its equipment, lower both costs and downtime, and “address a significant gap in the collection of data in the UK’s power generation market”. 

Mat Llewellyn, Managing Director at MHM Group, said, “This really is the future of plant – allowing us to track performance of our generators whilst on site, enabling us to monitor faults and repair and service quicker.

“It will help not only us as a business, but also our customers, as we will be providing a much more intuitive service to the end user.”

The establishment of MHM Link Live will also provide MHM with additional data from over 1.5 million pieces of equipment already fitted with Trackunit’s IoT connected devices, which will be used to develop MHM’s next generation of generators.

Soeren Brogaard, Trackunit CEO, said, “As we see a shift towards a more open and transparent industry, we are delighted to work with the MHM Group under the new ‘Works with Trackunit’ partner brand which unlocks huge value and increased business efficiencies, not only from MHM internally but for their customers as well.”

In a recent article published by IRN’s sister magazine, Brogaard said that in order to enhance productivity and safety the industry must invest in technology that highlights possible errors before they happen, and this can only be done by increasing the flow of data.

While developments in IoT connectivity and devices have expanded access to data for OEMs, rental, contractors, site managers and operators alike, Brogaard believes “we need to go further as an industry, to drive efficiency through more regular machine monitoring”.

Click here to read Soeren Brogaard’s full article on the digitalisation of the construction industry.


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