Happy New Year from the ERA team!

06 January 2021

The ERA team wishes you and your families a Happy New Year and joy, success and good health for 2021! 2020 was a challenging year for many people and we hope that 2021 will bring a better time for all!

The equipment rental industry in Europe has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis differently from country to country, at least during the first wave. This was mostly a consequence of the different responses to the pandemic from national authorities.

Three major categories of countries, with similar and consistent patterns, could then be identified: the Nordic countries, with no lockdown and almost no site shutdowns, the countries from Central Europe, the countries from Southern Europe, which faced severe lockdowns and disruption of activity, and the UK, a special category in itself, with a similar performance to Southern Europe but even worse, additionally impacted by the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit negotiations. Within each country, the situation varied from one rental company to another, depending on its location, type of activity and inventory mix.

According to the ERA Market Report 2020 published in October, the decrease of the equipment rental turnover in the main 15 European countries analysed is estimated at 10.4%, with an increase of 4.8% forecasted in 2021.

Another interim Market Sizing will be established as of 31 December 2020 and published late February in an attempt to update as soon as possible these figures in a difficult year, when estimates and forecasts are quite challenging.

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