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31 October 2022

Ammann eARX 26-2 tandem roller at Bauma Ammann eARX 26-2 tandem roller on show at Bauma. (Photo: KHL)

Electric and environmentally friendly releases designed with attention to the rental market are a key focus among the comprehensive array of equipment on Ammann’s Bauma 2022 stand.

“Rental companies are really pushing for electrification,” Ammann Germany International Key Account Manager Patrick Stellwag, told IRN during a walk around the stand.

New at Bauma for the Swiss construction machinery manufacturer is the eARX 26-2, an electric version of the ARX 26-2 tandem roller, for narrow construction sites or along curbs.

“For us, the ‘e’ is the important part of the name,” Stellwag said. “It’s the first machine you can work a full shift on one charge; and we are providing our rental clients the possibility to work emissions free. It’s electrified throughout, both in the driving and the compaction.”

“There is very little need for hydraulic oil, which is also an environmental plus,” he said.

Ammann Commercial Manager Leos Tymel told IRN the machine is designed to optimise energy usage. “We are not only using the energy from the battery; we are also returning it to the machine - what does the roller do? It starts, drives, and stops. During the stops the energy returns through re-charge.”

Ammann eARX 26-2 tandem roller charging portal Ammann eARX 26-2 tandem roller charging portal. (Photo: KHL)

“The machine can be charged in three hours via quick charging or in 12 hours with an onboard charger, using single phase or three phase standard mains electricity.”

It’s also designed for ease of use, says Tymel. “The user interface for the operators hasn’t changed from the diesel version to make things easy for the operator.

Also new at Bauma is the electric eAPF 12/40, due for market release in February – an electric version of the APF 12/40 compactor, for small soil and asphalt work.

Efficient operation and ease of use is another focus for Amman, demonstrated by another new addition at Bauma, the updated version of the ARW65 hand guided roller with a new steerable drum.

“The operator can steer the machine backwards and forwards and now easily steer right and left with a simple switch. With the previous version the operator would need to pause to change direction.”

A key advantage here is smooth steering for asphalt; the smooth motion stops asphalt from having ‘steps’ or ‘waves’ in it,” said Stellwag.

Ammann eAPF12/40 compactor Then Ammann eAPF12/40 compactor (Photo: KHL)

“The handle is shorter and much more compact now because you no longer need the long handle to operate it.”

Ammann’s recently release APF 15/50 – plate vibrator was also on display, as Tymel told IRN, a machine well suited to rental “as it’s designed to reduce the total cost of ownership,” fitted with a Vanguard engine comes standard with a 3-year limited commercial warranty.

Stellwag pointed out a useful feature proving beneficial to rental companies.

“With this machine, the moment you stop the machine, the fuel valve closes, so that’s a very useful feature; it’s a common problem that operators often forget to close the fuel valve, which causes a lot of wastage. The fuel can also run into the engine, running through the cylinder, mixing with the oil and this creates additional wear on the machine.”

“If I can double the service intervals to two years rather than a year, then I have less oil being used and a very good environmental outcome from a small feature.”

The machine was proving popular with major rental European companies including Boels and Kiloutou, he said.

Stellwag pointed out that most Ammann equipment now comes with a QR code containing short instructional videos that enable operators to understand machines’ maintenance and operational requirements,” very useful in rental where you have a variety of operator skill levels.”


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