ERA OSH working group prepares toolbox for rental

18 June 2024

“Health & Safety” is an important business element for the Rental Industry and one ‎of the core areas within the next strategic period of ERA to support the overall vision ‎to increase the attractiveness of rental as an employer.‎

It is also of central interest for many customer groups of the rental ‎industry.‎ The ERA Board decided last year to create the OSH Working Group, which is composed by rental companies and rental associations.

ERA’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Purpose and Vision Statement reflects a deep commitment to ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved in the equipment rental industry.

With a focus on “Caring for People” and being “Passionate About Health & Safety,” ERA recognises that the foundation of success lies in the satisfaction and performance of a highly motivated team.

Central to this vision is the belief that all injuries are preventable with the right attitude and competence, and that everyone has the right to a safe, healthy, and inclusive working environment. ERA is dedicated to excellence in occupational health and safety, with a strong emphasis on compliance with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements.

Moreover, ERA goes beyond mere compliance by identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and providing support to its members. By collaborating with stakeholders and integrating health and safety practices into every aspect of operations, ERA aims to enhance the overall performance and perception of the equipment rental industry.

The OSH Working Group is currently working at putting together a practical toolbox for the whole industry and health and safety practitioners in rental companies in particular. The toolbox will be a collection of guides, templates, best practices and other instruments to improve health and safety of employees of rental companies.

For example, the working group established a list of the most common accidents, analyzing them by affected body parts and the most impacted job positions. The group will come up with a list of solutions and strategies to help prevent those accidents. Best practices to improve health issues such as mental health will also be developed.

Furthermore, the working group is working on a definition of the key industry KPIs in this area, such as the Lost Time Injury Incidence Rate, to establish an industry benchmark. This will allow rental companies to compare themselves to the industry average and identify areas for improvement.

If you want to know more about the OSH working group or about ERA, please do not hesitate to contact the ERA team at [email protected].


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