ERA launches ‘People, Attraction and ‎Retention’ Survey

20 December 2023

ERA has partnered with Eurogroup Consulting to conduct a comprehensive study addressing ‎staff attraction and retention challenges in the equipment rental industry.

Building on the success of ‎ERA’s Convention on “Investing in People”, the study aims to provide valuable insights for rental ‎companies, foster a more engaging work environment and enhance the industry’s overall appeal.‎

The invaluable perspectives of ‎rental employees will play a vital role in shaping the outcomes of the report. ‎For that reason, Eurogroup has prepared a survey that ‎directly targets employees of rental companies in various roles and at different levels, and covers multiple ‎aspects related to attractiveness and retention within the sector.

This survey was sent to the rental associations and is now being sent to rental companies, whether they are members of ERA or not. ERA encourages all of them to actively ‎participate in this survey.

The study’s findings will offer essential recommendations for rental companies to enhance their ‎appeal and improve employee retention. This collaborative effort aims to create a more engaging ‎and rewarding work environment within the rental industry, fostering its growth and sustainability. ‎

This project is led by ERA’s Future Group and the progress is regularly reviewed during their meetings.

For more information or if you are a rental company and would like to be represented in the ERA Future Group, please email the ERA team at [email protected].


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