ERA joins the EU Pact for Skills

08 November 2023

The European Rental Association (ERA) has officially joined the EU Pact for Skills, a crucial step forward in our strategic objective to address skill shortages within the rental industry.

The Pact for Skills is one of the flagship actions of the European Skills Agenda, which brings together different stakeholders to promote and develop skills in various sectors and is part of the EU’s efforts to address skills gaps and enhance employability across Europe.

This initiative is all about creating a skilled and adaptable workforce that can respond effectively to the changing needs of our industry.

By collaborating with industry leaders, educational institutions and other stakeholders, the Pact for Skills aims to provide a platform for the development and recognition of skills that are essential in today’s job market.

What it means for ERA

In the dynamic landscape of the rental industry, skills and knowledge are the driving forces behind growth and success, and a highly skilled and adaptable workforce is essential for staying ahead.

As well as supporting ERA’s strategic objectives, joining the Pact for Skills is in perfect alignment with our ongoing project on attracting and retaining people in the industry, which will identify attraction and retention issues and outline concrete solutions for addressing them.

Joining the Pact for Skills underscores our commitment to advancing skills and knowledge within our industry. It presents us with exciting opportunities to work alongside other leaders and stakeholders who share our vision.

Together, we can shape the future of skills in our sector and make a significant impact.

Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative initiatives and the positive changes they will bring to the rental industry. We believe that skills matter, and through this partnership, we will continue to champion excellence and innovation within our industry.

If you would like more information about ERA’s participation in the EU Pact for Skills or our project on attracting and retaining people, please contact the ERA team at [email protected].


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