Coates commits to net zero goals

Coates and Westrac have added interim carbon emission reduction targets to their goal of net zero by 2040 under the new sustainability commitments published by owner Seven Group Holdings.

The targets, which have already been launched internally, will see rental company Coates and Caterpillar dealer Westrac aim for a 30% reduction of emissions from 2020 levels by 2026 and a 50% cut by 2030. Seven Group announced the net zero by 2040 target in February this year. These targets encompass Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, which are broadly those generated directly by the business.

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Although carbon emissions are a key component of the new Coates Sustainability Playbook, diversity and inclusion in its workforce is also included. For example, the company hopes that women will make up a quarter of its workforce by 2025.

It said it was committed to developing its range of sustainable equipment, with a planned “company wide review of our equipment categories”

Seven Group, it its latest sustainability report, said that between 2017 and 2020 its emissions were 18% lower than the 2013-2016 period; “WesTrac and Coates are now currently mapping out and pursuing further rounds of emissions reductions across Scope 1 and Scope 2, as well as working closely with their suppliers and customers on Scope 3 emissions reductions.”

Scope 3 emissions are generated indirectly, such as when rental equipment is used by a customer.

Coates is developing and trialing hybrid battery/solar units to reduce energy consumption of temporary accommodation buildings on construction sites and said it would continue working with the University of Technology Sydney to develop “the next evolution in construction water treatment processes.”

Murray Vitlich, CEO, Coates.

It will introduce bio diesel into vehicles and equipment, with approved blends of up to 7% in all diesel engine fleet and up to 20% in a select range; “Moving forward, we are developing a category roadmap to systematically identify and monitor our uptake of emerging technologies such as hybrid and solar and inform our strategic purchasing.”

Murray Vitlich, Coates CEO, wrote; “At Coates, our vision is to be the market leader in safe, smart and sustainable equipment solutions.” He said the company had engaged with its staff and cusrtomers and benchmarked itself against industry peers, locally and globally.

“This helped us to set clear aspirations and commitments critical to our business such as reducing our carbon footprint, promoting safer and more sustainable ways of doing business, leveraging new technologies, enabling a future workforce, adapting to market disruptors and safely responding and rebuilding from Covid-19.”

He added; “Our approach to sustainability aims for business growth, customer enhancements, as well as positive society-wide benefits. Our efforts will be underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, and a circular model that builds economic, natural, and social capital for all stakeholders through minimising resource use, enhancing performance and designing for reuse and recyclability.”

The Coates strategy, as well as Seven Group Holding’s sustainability report. Can be found here.


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