Atlas Copco launches first hybrid light tower

The HiLight BI+ 4, Atlas Copco's first ever light tower in the hybrid range. The HiLight BI+ 4 light tower. (Photo: Atlas Copco)

Atlas Copco has launched the HiLight BI+ 4, its first light tower in the hybrid range.

The HiLight BI+ 4 integrates lithium-ion batteries with a low-consumption Stage V diesel engine and can draw power from mains electricity, lithium-ion batteries, the diesel engine or a hybrid setting.

Operating at full capacity, the towers offers a seven-hour battery autonomy, extending to over 20 hours when using the dimming function, delivering silent and emission-free operation with a single charge.

Additionally, the 5kW battery can last approximately 36,500 hours, compared to 1,500 hours for absorbent glass mat (AGM) lead acid batteries, while Atlas Copco said recharging takes four hours, with an external power plug available as an additional feature.

In hybrid mode, the tower has an average fuel consumption of 0.29 liters per hour, while the use of a battery system means operators can reduce up to seven tonnes of CO2 per unit, per year, compared to traditional diesel-powered light towers.

Atlas Copco said the inclusion of a surface mount device (SMD) LED lighting technology and lithium-ion batteries provides “excellent performance and efficiency” while offering users a unit that reduces their carbon footprint and operating costs while improving sustainability levels.

The SMD LED lights are said to be 20% more efficient than alternative Chip-on-Board (COB) LED lights, with each light tower coming with four floodlights that provide 150W power to cover 4,000m2.

Eric Tomin, product marketing manager, lighting towers and portable generators at Atlas Copco Power and Flow division, said, “Sustainability is increasingly important for our customers as they look to improve their environmental credentials, and so we have made it front of mind when designing new equipment.

“This new hybrid light tower is the first of a kind, combining the very latest SMD lighting technology with lithium-ion batteries to deliver the very best performance and efficiency.”

At the same time, the company is also launching the HiLight PS 3 and PE 3 to its range of portable light towers. Both units come with SMD LED floodlights that provide high luminosity with 3,000m2 of light coverage (with an average of 20 luxes) over a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Atlas Copco said they ensure a “stable and reliable light source for work sites” and are certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 50km/h without the need for fixing systems.

the compact HiLight PE 3 is a static light tower on a tripod HiLight PE 3 light tower. (Photo: Atlas Copco)

Meanwhile, the compact HiLight PE 3 is a static light tower on a tripod, while the HiLight PS 3 is available on a trolley for easier transportation. Both light towers have dimming ability, providing versatility on site, and can be easily operated from a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection.

The HiLight PS 3 is designed to be powered by the ZBP2000 battery-based energy storage system and is available with two 200W foldable solar panels so users can optimise energy usage.


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