Alp Lift joins forces in distribution deal

Alp Lift has teamed up with Metal and Modular to expand their dealership offerings in the UK and the Netherlands. 

Metal and Modular Navigator Metal and Modular Navigator

After a successful collaboration at the Apex exhibition in June, where Alp Lift showcased Metal and Modular’s new range of Navigator machines, both companies decided to join forces. This has resulted in two dealerships, with Metal and Modular becoming dealer of Alp Lift material lifts in the UK and Alp Lift becoming dealer of the Navigator in the Netherlands.

The story of Metal and Modular and Alp Lift are quite similar. Both are family owned, medium sized companies focusing on design innovation and product relialibilty, safety and sustainability. The entire process of development, procurement, production, sales and service is in the hands of both companies.

Alp Lift Alp Lift material lift

Metal and Modular recently added a low level access range of Navigator machines to its longstanding range of storage and manual handling units. The Navigator 6.0 is the first self-powered pusharound scissor lift achieving a working height of 6 metres, said the company, and is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. A valuable addition to the product range of Alp Lift with electrically powered scissor lifts, the company added. 

Alp Lift has been developing and producing manual and electric material lifts and air hoists in-house for over 30 years.  Alp Lift added that it had found a good partner in Metal and Modular, “because of their presence on the English market and their knowledge of important stakeholders. For Metal and Modular the addition of the Alp Lift range is consistent with the introduction of power-free safe working at height.”


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