Aggreko’s multi-million dollar UPS investment

Aggreko will pair the UPS systems with its temporary power generators Aggreko will pair the UPS systems with its temporary power generators. (Photo: Aggreko)

Aggreko has made a multi-million dollar investment in a fleet of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems that it will pair with its temporary power generators.

Purchased for use in the events sector, the UPS systems can temporarily replace grid power in the event of an outage thanks to batteries that are fitted into the system. 

Aggreko said one of the benefits of the system is a “seamless” transition to generator power that is delivered via an automatic transfer switch, ensuring no interruption to an event’s broadcast.

The batteries and switches of the UPS systems also enables generators to remain off if grid power is stable.

Aggreko said this means that UPS systems can save “an enormous amount of fuel costs and carbon emissions for the generator operator”, with units no longer required to run for hours when not used. 

According to Aggreko, this will benefit events customers such as broadcasters who are increasingly adopting net zero goals and makes the UPS systems a “critical part of a temporary power solution.”

The purchase comes as the company prepares to provide broadcasting power solutions for over 100 games in one of America’s major professional sports leagues, the biggest coverage with the broadcaster to date.

Don Gray, events sector manager, Aggreko, said, “In providing television networks with the UPS and generators together, Aggreko continues to position itself as a one-stop shop for event power.

“UPS systems are a critical part of our solutions for major events as they make it possible to instantly supply power in the event of grid failure. While we currently provide this solution, Aggreko’s large investment in dedicated UPS systems demonstrates our commitment to the events sector.

“Our customers can engage with one company for a comprehensively engineered solution to deploy everything they need for temporary event power.”


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