Attendees to the ARA Show will find more than 650 exhibitors offering new rental products plus more than 300 Show-Only Specials, when it takes place next week (17-21 February), in New Orleans.

While many exhibitors have kept a tight lid on new products and services to be launched at the show, we were able to unearth some details on what OEMs are planning.

Expanding range

Hy-Brid Lifts Articulated-Boom Hy-Brid Lifts will expand out of low level access with a new articulated boom lift at the ARA Show, among other new products.

One of the biggest announcements will be from Hy-Brid Lifts by Custom Equipment (4349), which is significantly expanding its equipment range into larger scissor lifts, vertical masts with and without jibs, articulating booms and telehandlers.

The move follows the company’s buyout by Turkey-based ASKO, which also owns Turkish MEWP manufacturer ELS Lift and construction equipment manufacturer MST Construction Machinery.

In late 2023, Hy-Brid Lifts, until now a low level access specialist, revealed which new product types it will start producing. Now, the company has provided some of the specifications of the equipment to be first shown at ARA.

The new scissor lifts will have working heights up to 51 feet, along with a large lifting capacity and working area and electric drive. The new line will also be outdoor rated.

Hy-Brid Lifts Telehandler-Teaser A teaser of Hy-Brid Lifts’ new telehandler.

The vertical mast lifts will be compact and have working heights up to 19 feet, again with large lifting capacities and electric drive. In addition, there will be mast lifts with jibs ranging up to 32 feet working height, with 10 feet of horizontal reach, offering the same wider features as the standard vertical masts.

The company’s first articulating booms will result in new models with working heights up to 49 feet and outreaches of 28 feet, along with the customary large basket capacity and electric drive.

Finally, the company will produce a series of telehandlers with lifting heights up to 56 feet and capacities up to 12,000 pounds, powered by a 134-horsepower engine.

The company said, “With the partnership with ASKO, we will be significantly expanding our product line and services offered.

“This is a big and exciting step for us and we are excited to share these new offerings with you at next year’s ARA Show.”

Dual presentation

MEC (5825) will showcase its latest innovation, the DualReach 85-J Boom, with the ability to switch between telescopic and articulated mode, along with the new 3232SE 38-foot slab scissor that can be driven at full height.

The patent pending design of the DualReach 85-J allows users to choose telescopic mode for maximum outreach or articulated mode for up-and-over tasks by turning a switch while the machine is stowed.

The company said the DualReach 85-J represents a paradigm shift in how job sites operate. The flexibility to adapt to different needs without the need for two different machines provides enhanced productivity, especially in complex environments, added MEC.

“The two-in-one machine functionality is a game-changer, particularly in projects with different work-at-height needs, where traditionally, both a telescopic boom and an articulated boom may have to be sent to a jobsite,” said MEC,

Besides the ability to drive at full height, the MEC 3232SE does not incorporate an outrigger levelling system, which the company said as a combination is a first for this product category.

Other standard features and benefits of the 3232SE include a chassis that is 32 inches wide with a platform capacity of 550 pounds. The machine is equipped with an efficient AC electric drive system and delivers more duty cycles from each battery charge than previously offered, thereby reducing emissions and jobsite power demand.

With a focus on value and total cost of ownership, AGM batteries and MEC’s patented Leak Containment System (LCS) comes as standard, added the company.

“Driving at full height is a bedrock requirement and expectation of any self propelled mobile elevating work platform. Driving at full height is the better solution that MEC brought to this category,” says Gary Crook, VP of Engineering.

Virtual world

Genie’s newest debut will be fully virtual.

In development since 2020, Genie will demonstrate its new virtual reality training as a part of the company’s Train the Trainer program. Using Meta’s Quest 3 headsets with software provided by From the Future, Genie’s new VR Training is “an enhancement to our training program,” explains Scott Owyen, Genie’s director of training.

genie, vr training, mewp training (Photo: Genie)

Genie will use The ARA Show to give interested attendees the opportunity to try out the new program – which, the company stresses, does not take place of regulated training requirements. Instead, what Genie’s VR Training will do is give operators and trainers the ability to navigate and circumvent real-world hazards (electrocution, tip-overs, wind and crushing.)

“This platform combines the benefits of VR with proven, real-world hands-on training methodology to create an engaging and interactive user experience,” the company says.

The company’s Z-45 FE is currently the only model available for training purposes, but Genie said it will likely develop further modules, including some for telehandlers and scissor lifts.

Getting greener

Skyjack’s new Simply Electric AC brushless electric drive scissors will be making one of their first public showings at The ARA Show 2024. The new SJ3215 E and SJ3219 E will be at Skyjack’s booth (4039) for the duration of the show.

Skyjack SJ3219E Skyjack SJ3219E

During development of the new E-Drive DC scissors, Skyjack focused on increasing operational uptime.

The new range will carry Skyjack’s ECO mark as rental companies and major contractors face increasing demands for sustainability information, including operational carbon saving compared to previous models, mproved run time per charge, zero emissions, leak containment (Ecotray) and biodegradable oil optional.

“The innovative drive system on the new machines provides exceptional duty cycles and fully proportional controls, which offer a superior drive experience,” the company says. “The new range boasts simply more; with improved efficiency, controllability, and torque. This means that productivity is boosted with an improvement of up to 20% in runtime per charge. E-Drive provides consistent power, traction and torque, with over 25% gradeability.”

The simply electric range will be launched globally with availability in all regions throughout 2024, replacing the current hydraulic drive models.

New self-leveller 

Goman S08C Goman’s S08C self levelling scissor will be shown at the ARA Show 2024.

Goman is to launch self-levelling crawler mounted scissor lifts at the ARA Show, taking place this month in New Orleans, US.

China-based scissor lift manufacturer Goman was founded 2003 and shifted its focus to North America in 2017. Now, the company is extending its offering in North America with the S05C and S08C models aimed at a range of applications, uncluding in construction and agriculture. At the ARA show, Goman will only show the S08C, (booth #1962).

The new units are the combination of Goman’s slab scissor stacks and a new tracked chassis. They have working heights of 8m (26ft) and 10m (32ft), respectively and both models can work on a slope of more than 15 degrees on Y-axis (front/rear) and 12 degrees on the X-axis. There are a range of power options, like gas or diesel engines and lithium battery.

Spin cycle

Magni Telescopic Handlers enhanced its RTH range of telehandlers with new 8.35 and 8.46 rotating models, which visitors can learn more about at ARA.

The introduction of the 8.35 follows the redesign of the 6.36 model, with upgraded load charts and a boost in lifting capacity, which has been increased by 2 tonnes.

For the first time, two extension modes have been introduced, M1 and M2. The modes give access to two different load charts.

The standard extension mode, M1, offers the maximum reach and higher load capacities to maximum height, while M2 restricts reach to provide increased load capacity of up to 8 tonnes (17,600 pounds). Compared to the previous 6.35 model, the 8.35 delivers 33% higher load capacities in mode M2 and 20% higher in mode M1.

The new 8.35 and 8.46 rotating models from Magni.

The second launch, the RTH 8.46 is the result of the restyling of the first-generation 6.46 model and provides a new boom allowing lifting capacities up to 8 tonnes (17,600 pounds), which makes it the second largest in its class, says Magni, just behind the manufacturer’s range topping 6.51. The new model also adopts the M1 and M2 extension modes.

Compared to the 6.46, the 8.46 offers greater performances in terms of height, with 1m (3 feet) more maximum reach. It is able to lift 8 tonnes up to 22 m (17,600 pounds up to 72 feet), and carry 1 ton (2,200 pounds) to a horizontal reach of 31m (101 feet).

In addition, the model can carry up to 500kg (1,100 pounds) to the maximum reach of 33m (108 feet).

Magni said, “Both the 8.35 and the 8.46 rewrite the rule book on load capacity limits and guarantee outstanding results in any conditions of use, thanks to the ambitious research project focused on exceeding the industry standards.” AI

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