12 things you should see at Intermat 2024

21 March 2024

The long wait for Intermat, one of Europe’s biggest construction trade shows that last took place in 2018, is nearly over.

The show, which runs from 24 to 27 April at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte near Paris, France, aims to have 1,000 exhibitors by the time it opens, covering a floor space of 80,000 square metres (sq m).

Its unintentionally long absence was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and on its return it has been slimmed down from six days to four.

With both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, the show is divided into five top level categories: Earthmoving, demolition and transportation; Roads, minerals and foundations; Building, civil engineering and concrete industry; and Lifting and handling. The fifth element, which is new for Intermat 2024, is New technologies and energy.

So what shouldn’t you miss if you are among the 180,000 visitors expected at the show over its four-day run?

Here’s 12 things you should see:

1) The second iteration of Bobcat’s autonomous loader concept, RogueX2
Bobcat's updated RogueX2 autonomous loader concept Bobcat’s updated RogueX2 autonomous loader concept (Image: Bobcat)

Bobcat is set to unveil its new RogueX2 autonomous loader concept, which is the second iteration of the original RogueX system showcased at last year’s ConExpo in Las Vegas, USA.

RogueX2 is an all-electric, autonomous concept machine that features a lithium-ion battery, electric drive system, and electric-actuated lift and tilt kinematics with no hydraulics.

The machine also eliminates the need for an operator and as a result has been designed and built without a cab.

Bobcat will also show a new range of rotary telehandlers for the first time at Intermat. The new range offers nine Stage V powered models for the European market (for lifting heights from 18 to 39 m) and four Stage IIIA machines for sale in the Middle East and Africa (covering lifting heights from 18 to 26 m).

And Bobcat will showcase a range of portable power products, with the new PA12.7V Portable Air Compressor being presented for the first time at the show.

The company will be at Stand E127 in Hall 5b.

2) Cummins’ off-highway-specific hydrogen combustion engine
Cummins B6.7H hydrogen engine Cummins B6.7H hydrogen engine (Photo: Cummins)

Engine OEM Cummins has already previewed its B6.7H hydrogen internal combustion engine, part of the company’s fuel agnostic engine range, at a series of industry events.

But at Intermat 2024, the company is set to unveil a version of the new H2 IC engine which has specific changes to support use in off-highway applications.

Changes to the engine, which has a peak power/torque output of 216 kW/1200 Nm, cover a series of newly developed components intended for heavy-duty work cycles, with engine peripherals also upgraded to be more robust in harsh environments.

According to Laurent Di Vito, manager of Engine Sales for Application and Production for Cummins France, the plan is to launch all variants of the B6.7 engine range over 2026 and 2027, which will likely coincide with new Stage 6 emission regulations.

Along with this new off-highway variant of the B6.7H ICE, Cummins will also show its new NProxx hydrogen fuel storage system. For delivery of H2 fuel to machines fitted with both H2 ICEs and fuel cells, the tanks store fuel at 700 bar and dispense at 10 bar. The tanks can be setup at remote sites and then removed for refilling before being returned to the location.

3) New concrete humidity measurement tech
The new Celsicom TC603 base unit The new Celsicom TC603 base unit (Image: Celsicom)

Swedish firm Celsicom has developed a system designed to measure humidity in concrete, plus a series of other key data points, including temperature, material strength and carbon dioxide or radon levels.

To measure the humidity/moisture content of concrete, two thermocouple wires are attached to pole screws in the TC603 base unit, with one located within the concrete mould and another on the edge of the material to measure ambient conditions. The received signals are then interpreted by the remote system and displayed on the device via the Celsiview system.

The unit has a SIM card compatible with networks around the world, allowing data covering time, temperature and even concrete type to be sent anywhere. The user can also insert a preset threshold which, when reached, can automatically send an alert.

4) The demonstration debut for Develon’s Concept-X 2.0 autonomous machines
Concept-X 2.0 cabless dozer Concept-X 2.0 cabless dozer (Photo: Develon)

Develon (formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment) will hold the first demonstration in Europe of its Concept-X 2.0 cabless, remote-controlled (autonomous) construction equipment at Intermat.

Develon unveiled the first iteration of the innovation, Concept-X, in 2019 and demonstrated it in Korea that same year.

Intermat will feature the updated version, Concept-X 2.0. Both an autonomous DX225-CX crawler excavator and a DD100-CX dozer are set to operate in the display area. Among the new updates being demonstrated are:

  • Autonomous driving and blade control based on global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
  • Automated 3D grading with tiltrotator accessory
  • Enhanced machine-learning-based auto digging and loading
  • Advanced E-Stop safety technology

The new 2-tonne DX20ZE, the first electrically powered mini excavator that Develon has mass-produced will also appear in the demonstration area, in another world premiere for the company at the show in Paris.

They will feature among a wide range of machines, running from compact equipment to heavy machinery.

Develon will appear in the Outdoor Area EXT5, Stand F002.

5) Hitachi’s next-generation wheel loader takes centre stage
The Hitachi ZW310-7 wheel loader The Hitachi ZW310-7 wheel loader (Image: Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe)

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) will display the latest generation mode from its Stage-V-compliant wheel loader range. The ZW310-7 boasts all-round visibility, with the Aerial Angle camera system that offers a 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the jobsite. It also has a rear obstacle detection and warning system that alerts operators if anything is too close to the rear of the machine.

Meanwhile, the cab has been redesigned to be more comfortable and Hitachi claims it has some of the lowest noise and vibration levels in the market.

It is one of 10 Hitachi machines that will be on display at the show, from the smallest (two recently updated mini excavators, the ZX26U-6 and ZX33U-6) to the largest (the ZX390TC-7 special application excavator and the ZW310-7 wheel loader itself). Two new electric models, the ZX55-6EB and ZE135-7EB, and several fuel-efficient Zaxis-7 machines: the ZX95W-7 and ZX135W-7 wheeled, and ZX95USB-7 and ZX225USLC-7 crawler excavators will also make an appearance.

6) The European debut of Kobelco’s all-new heavyweight crawler excavator
Kobelco will give a European debut to its new SK520LC-11E heavyweight crawler excavator Kobelco will give a European debut to its new SK520LC-11E heavyweight crawler excavator (Image: Kobelco)

Kobelco’s all-new SK520LC-11E heavyweight crawler excavator will dominate the company’s 1,500 sq m stand, as it makes its European debut.

At 53t, the new machine is heavier than its predecessor, the SK500-11, which Kobelco says gives it improved stability, as well as offering increased bucket and arm force for better overall lifting performance. It now uses an Isuzu engine rather than the Hino fitted to the SK500.

Also new is the new SK380SRLC-7 is Kobelco’s largest short radius excavator and replaces the 380SRLC. It has 6% more power, using a 210kW Isuzu engine, and the replacement interval on the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been increased from 4,500 hours to 8,000 hours. Kobelco’s stand will include a dedicated area for its short radius excavators.

The company – which highlights its new ‘built for performance’ tagline at Intermat – will show several mini and midi excavators, and on the demolition side, will have the SK350DLC-11E, which is an update on the -11 model, now using an Isuzu rather than Hino engine.

7) Two new mystery prototypes from Komatsu
Komatsu's new PC138E-11 electric 13t excavator Komatsu’s new PC138E-11 electric 13t excavator (Image: Komatsu)

Komatsu is promising to display two new, as-yet-unannounced prototypes for the first time at Intermat, as well as a ‘Virtual Stand’ that will offer a glimpse into innovations that the giant Japanese OEM will launch in the near future.

Electric machines are also set to feature heavily. Komatsu will show off its new PC138E-11 – an electric version of its 13t PC138 excavators. It will be one of 30 machines the giant Japanese OEM will bring to the French capital for the show.

It comes as Komatsu reaches the end of its 2023 financial year (31 March 2024), which signals the start of the first year for the market introduction of its electric machines.

Alongside the PC138E-11, which will be fitted with a Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit, Komatsu will also give pride of place to its 20-tonne class electric excavator equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the 210LCE-11, and a world-premiere cabin version of its PC33E-6 electric mini excavator, also equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Also on show will be its recently launched PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators, both of which have reduced tailswing.

And outdoors, adjacent to the main stand, larger machines including the latest PC950-11 excavator, the HD605-8 rigid dump truck, and the PC390HRD-11 High Reach Demolition machine with the K100 quick boom change system, will be on static display.

Komatsu will occupy a prominent space in Hall 5b.

8) The debut of Liebherr’s huge LTR 1150 telescopic crawler crane
Liebherr's new R972 crawler exavator features Bucket Fill Assist Liebherr’s new R972 crawler exavator features Bucket Fill Assist (Image: Liebherr)

Liebherr will be giving a world premiere to its LTR 1150 telescopic crawler crane, following the expansion of its range to a 150-tonne model.

The new crane offers 50% more load capacity than the LTR 1100 and in a first for telescopic crawler cranes, it features Liebherr’s VarioBase, which the crane control uses to determine the best possible load capacity, depending on the track width and angle of rotation.

It is one of around 20 machines and a host of technology on display from Liebherr at its 3,264 sq m booth, spanning the product segments of tower cranes, mobile and crawler cranes, components, earth moving technology, deep foundation machines and concrete technology.

But the OEM’s booth will not be structured by products. Instead, it will focus on three topic areas: drive technology, digitalisation, and service.

At the show Liebherr will be displaying a range of different power technologies, such as the Liduro Power Port, a mobile energy storage system for supplying power to construction sites in remote locations which do not have an adequate e-infrastructure.

Other products on display include the R 972 of the generation 6.2 crawler excavator with operational capability of approx. 72 tonnes featuring the Liebherr’s Bucket Fill Assist (BFA). The company claims the system facilitates a better fill level of the bucket, faster cycle times and better penetration of the material.

A host of electric machines will be displayed including the MK 140-5.1 mobile construction crane; the first electric Liebherr wheel loader, the L 507 E; a new electric truck mixer, the ETM 1205 featuring electric drum drive; and the T 33-10 telescopic handler that has three drive options: hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO) as a low-emission counterpart or additive to fossil fuels, a battery-electric drive; or a hybrid drive consisting of a combustion engine and an electric motor.

Liebherr can be found in area Ext 6 C 051.

9) The first appearance in Europe of new Sany telehandlers and demolition excavator

Chinese OEM Sany, which established a French subsidiary business south of Paris late last year, will give a European debut to a trio of telehandlers and an excavator at Intermat.

The three Chinese-made telehandlers are 7m, 14m and 18m models. The two larger machines – the STH1440 and STH1840 are being shown as prototypes at Intermat but will be in full production by April.

Also new, will be a 36t demolition excavator to add to the 50t SY500HRD model seen at the Bauma show in Munich in 2022.

10) Secmair’s electrified road surfacing system
The Box, an electrified road surfacing system from Secmair The Box, an electrified road surfacing system from Secmair (Image: Secmair)

Part of the Fayat Group, Secmair is a French company which specialises in development and production of road maintenance equipment.

At Intermat 2024, Secmair will introduce The Box, the first in a range of pure-electric, self-contained units specifically designed for road construction/maintenance. In this case, the equipment is intended to deliver asphalt spray as a top seal layer when resurfacing roads.

This new-from-the-ground-up development is said to offer a series of benefits over previous versions. For example, new levels of tank insulation mean that the system has twice the thermal efficiency of competing machines. This helps maintain the temperature of the asphalt mix, reducing related energy consumption and emissions.

The onboard electrical system can deliver up to eight hours of continuous operation; this is further extended by standard solar panels fitted on the roof.

The Box can be fitted to any suitable donor vehicle, with the self-contained design offering more freedom than previously available as regards vehicle selection.

11) Volvo’s all-inclusive ‘decarbonisation pathway’
Said to be the world’s first fuel cell articulated hauler prototype, the Volvo HX04

Volvo is set to showcase what it calls an “all-inclusive decarbonisation pathway” for the construction industry, featuring battery-electric equipment and commercial vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell prototypes, and efficient charging solutions.

The hydrogen fuel cell prototype in question is Volvo’s HX04 articulated hauler, first unveiled in 2022. It will appear at Volvo’s 1,500 sq m stand alongside other innovations like the 23-tonne EC230 electric excavator and the new L120 electric wheel loader, as well as some smaller machines like the EC18 electric excavator.

Volvo also plans to place a strong emphasis on services, displaying technologies like Connected Map and Task Manager, its Equipment as a Service model, and its Parts and Uptime Services, such as its CO2 Reduction Programme.

12) Wirtgen’s ‘environmentally compatible’ machines
Kleemann's Mobirex MR 100(i) NEO mobile crusher Kleemann’s Mobirex MR 100(i) NEO mobile crusher. (PHOTO: Kleemann)

Wirtgen Group will be showing a series of “environmentally compatible” machines and technology aimed at reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

Highlights will include the Kleemann Mobirex MR100(i) NEOe mobile impact crusher, and Hamm’s battery-electric 2.7 t HD 12e from it HD CompactLine range of tandem rollers. Both will be appearing for the first time at an industry show in France.

Vögele’s Mini 500 and Mini 502 road pavers, designed to be light and agile enough to undertake paving tasks on tight construction sites will also make an appearance at the show, ahead of their electrically powered counterparts the Mini 500e and Mini 502e becoming available at the end of this year.

And the latest generation of burners of Benninghoven burners, capable of running on 100% green hydrogen for the first time, will also be in Paris to bolster Wirtgen Group’s sustainability credentials.

Wirtgen Group’s 700 sq m stand will be in Hall 5a (G158).

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