GQW: a TwinGen solution for the Mobile market

18 April 2024


When high power is required, the Pramac Generac group can supply GQW, a containerised Stage V solution powered by a dual-generator system.

The Pramac Generac Group designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable, durable, and versatile generating sets to provide customers with the right solution to every mobile power need. These generators, available in power ratings from 4 to 1450kVA, are capable of operating in a wide variety of mobile applications where temporary power is required, such as construction sites, roadworks, mining, and events.

Several sub-ranges of generators are divided by size and scope of use. Among these, in the case of high-power requirements, is the GQW TwinGen range, containerised generators powered by a dual-engine system.

GQW TwinGen units are versatile and safe power solutions designed for long life, easy maintenance, and fast commissioning. They perform well under varying loads, ensuring great efficiency and optimized fuel consumption.

To be compliant with the restrictive environmental regulations of the European market, Pramac Generac has launched the GQW1450V/S5 model. It combines two Volvo TWD1683GE 6-cylinder Stage V engines installed in a 20ft container, providing 1 MW Prime Power and 1.4 MW Emergency Standby Power.

The gensets are placed inside a sound-proof container, which is equipped with four electric fans with two radiators located in a separate compartment to always keep noise pollution down. This ensures an average noise pressure level of only 71 dB(A) at 7 metres.

Each generator has a stainless-steel DEF tank, while fuel is supplied to both engines from a single 1400-litre metal tank with a double wall and leak detection sensor with quick-connect connectors. External refuelling points are located in a dedicated area protected by a lockable door.

Two powerful motors working in parallel generate a great deal of heat, which is why great attention was paid to the cooling system. The cooling fans have a special profile optimised to increase cooling efficiency and reduce noise emissions and are powered by four electric motors with integrated inverters and water temperature controllers.

A dual water circuit (low and high temperature) has been implemented with metal pipes with drainage valves and thermal sensors on the hot water outlets of the motors.

The coolant level can be kept under control thanks to the dual low-level sensors (on the control unit and at sight on radiators expansion tanks).

Considerable focus has also been dedicated to maintenance and service activities. The GQW TwinGen has been designed for easy access to any component thanks to several large inspection doors. Through these, the engines, alternators, and starter batteries are easily accessible from both sides of the unit. Doors have also been implemented for servicing the radiators, the fuel and DEF tanks, and the engine fans. Roof access is granted by an

integrated ladder for refilling the coolant and servicing the engine air outlet.

The company is ready to respond to any request worldwide thanks to an extensive network of 17 subsidiaries and several distributors on all continents.


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