Innovation and sustainability with Pramac Generac’s expanded BESS range

01 July 2024


The Group keeps expanding its portfolio of mobile Battery Energy Storage Systems to better adapt capacity and power to the new requirements of the rental market.

The Pramac Generac Group is the global point of reference for the production of generators, battery energy storage systems, mobile lighting towers, and warehouse material handling equipment.

With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, the Group has been able to diversify its product portfolio throughout the years to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, offering advanced energy solutions aimed at reducing environmental impact.

To strengthen its commitment to a more sustainable future, the Group has stepped up its efforts to expand its environmentally friendly product portfolio, focusing on expanding its range of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) by introducing several new solutions.

BESS are energy storage solutions designed to store energy produced from renewable sources or from the electricity grid to redistribute later. These systems can be used in stand-alone mode or combined with any diesel generators in a hybrid configuration. For example, a BESS can be used to ensure continuity of power supply in remote areas not reached by the electricity grid or to optimize energy consumption in job sites, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

BESS units are specifically designed for the rental market: construction, events, mining, and EV charging are only some of the application fields in which it is possible to use them. When a BESS is deployed onto a job site, it’s possible to have a clean, sustainable solution that can power the site during those periods of low energy demand, such as overnight or during the weekend. This allows customers to utilise reliable, clean energy in almost any application.

Depending on size and model, BESS are available with AGM, lead-acid or LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. While AGM and lead acid are a proven technology that is tried, tested and cost-effective, LFP technology is distinguished by a longer service life, made possible by a larger number of charge and discharge cycles. In addition, LFP guarantees better thermal performance, maintaining optimal performance even at extreme temperatures, both during charge and discharge.

The range consists of several models, covering power nodes from 5 to 60 kVA, with a battery capacity – a crucial element in determining the autonomy of the system – from 24 to 144 kWh. The scalability and modularity of these systems allow them to adapt capacity and power to specific customer needs. In the coming months, the range will be further increased with the introduction of even more capacious solutions to cover the needs of the most power-demanding applications.

The expansion of the BESS range represents only one step in the Pramac Generac Group’s path to a more innovative and sustainable future. With the continuous development of new technologies and products, the Group remains a major player in the panorama of renewable energy and energy efficiency, demonstrating that sustainable innovation is the key to a better energy future.


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