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Equipment financing in a growth market
Harry Pei, Finance Director APAC, JLG Industries
How to hire the right person for the job
Appleton column: 5 Ways to improve your recruitment process
How equipment rental affects construction productivity
Appleton Column: Is rental helping to combat the decline in construction productivity, or is it part of the problem? 
Dynamic pricing in equipment rental
Appleton column: The potential rewards and pitfalls of using pricing algorithms
How to recruit senior managers
Appleton column: Should you hire someone from outside your rental company or from within?
Is diversification or distraction?
Appleton column: Many rental companies see diversification into new, specialist areas of the industry as being key to future growth prospects, but how realistic is this? Kevin Appleton explores
The Appleton Column: Life after the referendum
The UK’s vote to exit the European Union revealed deep fault lines in the country's political landscape. Kevin Appleton looks at the implications.
The Appleton column - A capital idea
The rental industry spends huge amounts on new equipment – Kevin Appleton examines some of the driving factors behind fleet investments
The Appleton Column: Up the Amazon without a paddle
The internet is changing our patterns of purchasing forever, with deep ramifications for the rental industry. Kevin Appleton breaks it down
The Appleton Column: The imitation game
All companies have something that got them going in the first place, but it’s not easy to retain that original spark. Kevin Appleton gets stuck in.
The Appleton Column: What does a non-executive director do, exactly?
The function of non-executive directors is sometimes more easily understood by what they don’t do. Kevin Appleton explains
The Appleton Column: Employee relations
Kevin Appleton discusses how the world’s rental businesses manage their people and finds that a positive company culture can take a long time to build.
Appleton Column: Facing uncertainty
Kevin Appleton looks at the political situation worldwide and asks what action rental companies can take to prepare for and respond to it.
Feature: The Appleton Column – Two-speed rental
With financial results announced almost daily in recent weeks, is rental now divided between the super-rich and everyone else?
The Appleton Column – Market or private?
Kevin Appleton explores the tricky question of the best ownership model for rental businesses
The pace of change
Kevin Appleton discusses the impact that technology has had on service industries and the rental sector in particular
Kevin Appleton column: An economic powerhouse
The rental market in China is showing great potential, but plenty of work still needs to be done. Kevin Appleton breaks it down.
Preparing for peak demand
In the last issue, Kevin Appleton shared four of his seven key beliefs about how leadership attitudes and priorities help create a healthy business culture. Now it’s time for the last three.
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