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Rental and the ‘three Ps’ of sustainability
Wright column: Andy Wright on the low emission ecosystem and the Net Zero transition
Rental and sustainability: unpacking the issues
Wright Column: what sustainability really means and the role of equipment rental in a circular economy
The future of equipment rental: What will change?
Appleton column: How businesses are adapting to evolutions in the rental industry, and the risks and rewards entailed
How achievement awards contribute to the rental industry
Appleton Column: What are industry awards really for, and how do judges know true achievement when they see it?
How to improve sustainable practices in rental
Appleton Column: When it comes to sustainability in the equipment rental sector, Kevin Appleton says businesses should stop the virtue-signalling and look for meaningful actions
IRN100 list download
IRN100 lost from June 2021 issue of International Rental News
Digitisation or digitalisation in equipment rental: what’s the difference?
Appleton column: The key steps and potential pitfalls rental businesses face on their digital transformation journey
How specialised equipment rental pays dividends
Appleton column: Higher returns make specialty equipment rental a noble commercial aspiration, but lasting success can be elusive
How to approach international business expansion
Appleton Column: Key strategies and criteria for managing the international growth of an equipment rental company
Second Coronavirus wave impacts the rental sector
Appleton column: How Covid-19 will continue to shape the equipment rental industry
Working safely during the pandemic
Appleton column: What equipment rental companies can do to manage the effects of the pandemic
Coming out of lockdown: How to ease the return to work
Appleton column: 7 Key things you should include in a Working From Home policy
Webinar: Access and the road to recovery
A panel of leading access industry experts discussed the effects of Covid-19 on the industry. Watch a recording here
Coping with Covid: The ‘new normal’
Appleton column: As we emerge from the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, what the “new normal” look like for the equipment rental industry?
Webinar: Rental & Covid-19
Vincent Albasini (CEO, Avesco Rent), Stéphane Hénon (Group Managing Director, Loxam), Michel Petitjean (Secretary General, European Rental Association), Moderator: Murray Pollok (Managing Editor, IRN.)
How equipment rental companies can recover from Coronavirus
Appleton column: Helpful insights on cashflow, recruitment and staff management to help construction equipment rental businesses thrive 
Kevin Appleton on COVID-19 and the rental response
Murray Pollok, Managing Editor of International Rental News In conversation with Kevin Appleton
How to fast track your rental company’s growth
Appleton Column: Three essential things smaller companies must get right in order to expand
How to start an equipment rental business
Appleton column: What does it take to start a new rental company, and keep it going? 
How to prepare for a Cyber attack
Appleton column: Why equipment rental businesses should be prepared for 
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